spookyslashaddict asked:

Just out of curiosity where are you going to post the au?

THE PLAN WAS to make this an askblog like my pilot!au, but I’ve been bogged down with grad school so I haven’t been able to do anything with it yet. I had PLANNED on doing something with it not long after posting that picture but

my life kind of got intense

SO HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to post stuff starting sometime next week??? That’s the dream, at least :/

emrysdean asked:

Hi I just wanna ask if this blog will have any sorts of spoilers for X Files. Because I'm only on s4 and an X files/Supernatural crossover is all I want in life but I don't want to be too too spoiled for the later seasons.


i’m not planning on this blog having any spoilers for the x-files. if it follows any storyline, really, it’s going to be spn! so as long as you’ve seen up to season 5 of supernatural you’ll be okay (: 

the basic idea is to take cases from both x-files and supernatural (or at least aspects of cases), but all major plot points (ie the apocalypse) will be from spn. it isn’t meant to be a “retelling” of either show, though.

the point of THIS blog is for me to be able to plan it out and have a story going. i’ll do goofy stuff like i do for my pilot!au, but i really want to do more in depth comics and sections of writing for this one and actually tell a story in some kind of sequence. we shall see.

some more planning:

  • the lone gunmen are still in this and they’re cas’s hacker buddies. i’m pretty sure that i want them to be ash and charlie. ronald (from the bank episode of spn) might be one as well.
  • unlike the lone gunmen in the show, however, i don’t see these three really hanging out on a constant basis but ash and charlie know of each other and respect each other’s unique talent (both of them kind of laugh at ron’s more out there theories, but will defend him vehemently if someone mocks him)
  • they probably don’t call themselves the lone gunmen, considering that they don’t really operate as a group except on very special occasions
  • in general, ash and charlie are more about government conspiracy and the challenge of hacking into things. ron is the one who cas goes to about supernatural stuff, considering that ron reads tabloids and is all into sci-fi and believes that stuff. 
  • they like cas because he’s cooky and super serious and fits the “g-man” look that they have in their heads. when dean meets them, they do all they can to make him uncomfortable and dean helplessly looks to cas for help but cas just keeps a straight face that actually looks more like "you’re cute when you’re flustered now leave me alone" and ignores him
  • dean and charlie do become friends though because he gets all her pop culture references that cas refuses to learn
  • i would say that “deep throat” could be rufus, but i would rather cas’s informant be someone who has a relationship with him/cares about him in the show. i think i might balthazar be deep throat and uriel be “x” or maybe anna be “x” hmmmmmmmm

ankellysaurus asked:

So who gets to be Mulder and who gets to be Scully? (so damn pumped, The X-Files is kind of my one true love)

so this might be a little different than how some people have done it maybe BUUUTTTT

technically, castiel is mulder and dean is scully. personalities don’t line up though, because they are basically just who they are? dean is more sarcastic, like mulder, and cas is more serious, like scully - but castiel is the one who believes in the paranormal and dean is the one who is the skeptic (due a lot to his lack of desire to be like his father who he thinks is a whacko)

dean believes in physical evidence - what he can study and what he can SEE (this actually kind of holds true to spn, a little) and castiel is more…he believes it until it is proven to not exist because he sees no need to limit the possibilities.

SO, technically, cas is mulder, dean is scully, but they are very much still just cas and dean uwu

(also i love the x-files so much i’m actually rewatching it at this very moment haha)

midwestern-tunneling-explodebear asked:

*screaming* SPOOKY AND FRECKLES?!?!????!!!!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! that's just perfect, I cant wait until this kicks off :D

haha i’m glad you’re excited!! and i’m glad you like the blog name hahahaha

HOPEFULLY THINGS WILL HAPPEN SOOOONNN i want it to kick off with a baang

spookyladysstardust asked:

Do you have any previous work posted anywhere? I'd like to get a feel of your writing :).

i’ve posted some of my writing on my artblog, but all of it is linked over here, along with thought processes behind any au’s i’m thinking of. that’s kind of where i plan on posting bits and pieces of what i’m working on every now and again.

i have a really…weird writing style hahahaha. it tends to be more like poetry than anything else.

the main reason for this blog is that i have a story i want to tell, but i don’t have the time nor the skill to write “long fic” (my style is much better suited to short snipets). also, i want to flesh it out and i like people prompting me to think about stuff ;; (a lot like my pilot!au, but this one will probably be a mix of writing and art and more plot orientated mostly)

Anonymous asked:

So are aliens a real thing in this verse? Or are you doing a straight re-telling of the show?

most of it will be “supernatural” type cases, with demons and ghosts and the like, but aliens are definitely not out of the picture.

the big conspiracy for this ‘verse is not alien related, though, but it’s along the same lines as the x-files with…the apocalypse in the place of aliens probably.

in the end, the major plot points of spn are going to be used as a guideline, but it won’t really be a “retelling” of the show (hopefully) (i don’t know this might be a horrible idea but I REALLY LIKE MY XFILES AU AND I WANT TO FLESH IT OUT ;;)